Corn Beef & Cabbage 

Corn Beef-  Rub Beef Roll in in Carlile's Steak Sauce & Marinade, then submerge in water.

Cook  until tender. 


1head Cabbage -cut & washed (leave in clean water)

1/4# Butter

1/8 tbs Salt

2 ts Sugar

Put cut/washed Cabbage into pot (do not shake off water ) Add Butter,

Put Salt & Sugar on top of Cabbage .Slowly cook  w/lid on but continually stir.

Cook until Tender. (Normal Cooking Time: 15 Minutes)

Thicken (Dissolve 1 Table Spoon of Corn Starch in about 6 oz Cold Water. Slowly add to sauce).


Plate Cabbage, top with thin-slice the corn beef

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