Does the type of flour I use matter?


Yes, it does matter. For most Southern Cooking we use one of 3 types of flour, so Iíll limit this decision to these. The 3 types of flour are:

 (1) Plain (regular or all purpose) - A blend of soft and hard wheat grains, bleached, enriched & malted. Used in a wide range if baking, particularly

 pies, cookies, Dumplings etc. Although it can be used in a pinch, I donít use this flour for cakes- It makes a heavy rather than a light cake.


 (2) Self-rising Ė Basically, plain flour with added ingredients, baking soda, salt, & other leveling agents. This flour is primarily used battering items

that you are going to fry, pancakes, breads, biscuits and the like. I donít use the flour for cakes.

 (3) Cake- Made form soft wheat and finely milled. This is the flour to use for cakes; it will deliver a light rather than heavy cake.


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